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Social Profile and Customer Service

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Hoteliers: suppose Justin Bieber, the fastest rising international pop star, comes knocking on your door in the following way, what would you do?  (see video below — it’s only 46 seconds)

You would:

  1. Do nothing
  2. Respond privately to Bieber and invite him to come back
  3. Apologize to Bieber publicly
  4. Respond with humor to Bieber publicly
  5. Fix the revolving door then assure the public what happened was a one-off

Justin Bieber currently has over 4M “likes” on Facebook, over 2.6M followers on Twitter, and has 2 videos on YouTube with over 100M views, one of which, “Baby features Ludacris” is currently the 3rd most viewed video of all time on YouTube.

The correct answer? Any of them, but more importantly, before you chose your answer, did you:

  • Click on the link to see Bieber’s Wikipedia entry?
  • Check out his Facebook fan page?
  • Look at what his most recent tweets were about?
  • See if he tweeted about running into the door?
  • Watch all or part of his video?
  • Google Justin Bieber to see if you can find out anything else about him?

If you did, you’d find, among other things, that Justin Bieber regularly creates mobs with his appearances.  In New Zealand the crowd of teenage girls knocked down his mom at the airport upon his arrival.  He is sad because Twitter changed its algorithm so that he’s no longer a trending topic which he has been for a long time.  And also, several articles have already covered his unfortunate head kiss with the revolving door.

Although Bieber is only 16 years-old, his entire life is digitized in an accessible way that allows someone to easily understand his personality, fan base, actions, aspirations, and why he’s become such a phenomenon.  Some of the content come from Bieber himself, and some are collaborative content from people who either know him or think they know him.  Nonetheless, the Radisson Blu in Frankfurt can get to know Justin Bieber quickly with the aggregate information that exists.

To summarize, Justin seems to be a wonderful and talented human being, one with passionate fans.  He was discovered on the internet as a result of his mom uploading him singing onto YouTube.  He has been praised as being down-to-earth and homemade, not manufactured like so many other pop stars.  His wipeout was covered by the Associated Press,, and was on the front page of MSN.

Justin was very gracious about his own unfortunate encounter with the door.  In his own words:

i think my head still hurts from running into that door…haha. only thing u can do in times like that is laugh at yourself…and laugh hard    3:07 PM May 20th via web

In the age of social media, the question isn’t which customer do I have is a “Justin Bieber.”  The real question is, what is my brand doing to get to know every customer as though s/he were Justin Bieber and actively incorporating his/her public social profile to provide better service in a non-exploitative way?

Justin Bieber may share a lot in his social profile, but not a lot is needed to gain a better understanding of a customer.  Every service provider in the travel industry should incorporate looking into public social profiles as a standard part of their operating procedure for customer service (and for that matter, employment as well!)

As for Radisson Blu in Frankfurt, given what we know about Bieber, any of the responses listed above would have been fine.  Because Radisson Blu Frankfurt has a Twitter page, a Facebook fan page, and is already active in social media, at least from a guest perspective, I think a public response would be great and appropriate given Bieber’s (and his fans’) preferences for this medium.


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  1. ancel

    Jacquelin K Miller

    October 19, 2011 at 9:23 am

  2. Cancel

    Jacquelin K Miller

    October 19, 2011 at 9:23 am

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