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To Bing or Not

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Bing is exciting because Microsoft did a good job in integrating various pieces of technology across the company to create a great value proposition for consumers — namely moving search results away from web pages that might contain answers to the actual answers themselves.  This is no easy feat and when you consider that they created Bing by integrating technologies from across their internal groups as well as companies that had been acquired (e.g. Farecast, Powerset), the achievement is even more astonishing.  As an ex-Microsoft guy, I really hope they pull it off, and it seems like there’s momentum behind them with a lot of initial positive reviews.

If the launch hype translates into repeat users, Bing will change the travel landscape yet again in the next 12 months.  The OTAs and meta-searches will have to deal with a new breed of mashups following the trail of Bing that not only looks for the best price but also, the best personal fit.  These types of “decision engine” or “recommendation” services have existed in the past, but Bing has legitimized the approach.  Many startups in this space probably just got a call from their investors with renewed interest.  Some people may see Bing as a natural evolution of meta-searches, but if it’s job isn’t to present you with the most number of options, but the least number of best options, then I think it warrant its own category.

As an early Bing user, I got the promise but was not blown over by the execution.  Microsoft has the right idea and an opportunity to be relevant in search, so I hope they don’t screw it up by over-promising and under-delivering.  I worry because Bing has a lot of exposures in the press and through advertising, but it still delivers imperfect results a lot of times.  Also, I personally stopped following Bing on Twitter 2 days ago because I was being over-tweeted.  Nonetheless, there is general goodwill towards Bing, and I believe that the value proposition is different enough that people will give Bing a chance to iron out its kinks.

Finally, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bing compels Google and Yahoo to aggresively look for acquisitions and/or accelerate their mobile offerings in travel if Bing lives up to its hype.


Written by Morris

June 9, 2009 at 3:12 am

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  1. Various of folks talk about this matter but you said some true words.


    November 25, 2009 at 4:02 pm

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