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Happy Chinese New Year

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A very wise person once told me that there were three ways to look at things that don’t go my way. On the eve of Chinese New Year, I thought I’d share what has guided me through some dark days.

The essence is simple. When a series of bad things and seemingly overwhelming obstacles keep appearing and reappearing, you’ve got to decide for yourself if whatever is happening is:

  1. not right, in which case you should get off the ride.
  2. bad karma, in which case you go to your patience reservoir and stick it out until the good karma comes, and it will
  3. the “everything happens for a reason” principle, so even if you don’t understand why now, you’ll be thankful for it later

I had the opportunity to connect with an ex-MSFT friend who founded and is running DocVerse and I was reminded of the euphoria and difficulties of year 1. For us, it wasn’t all fun, but we made it through. Later in the afternoon I talked to another entrepreneur who rode through the roller coaster of lots of funding, then wondering where the next paycheck would come from, then IPO, then got acquired. His words, “the journey is the reward” was another reminder.

These guys, and many others whom I met through DEMO and other venues, took the attitude of 2 or 3 when things weren’t going their way. And I admire and respect them for it. So I salute them, and all the entrepreneurs out there who persevere and keep going.

As far as Circos is concerned, the day we launched I sent this to the team:

The last few days have been long and exhausting, but you should be proud of what you’ve accomplished.
Our little company was persistent enough in pursuing our vision, brave enough to put it out the world, and now we will be gracious in listening to feedback.
We all reserve the right to wake up smarter tomorrow, therefore, we can always be thankful for people thinking on our behalf.
The road ahead is made of more hills and valleys, but the rest stop we’re at is on top of a crest. I’m glad we’re here as a family, so I hope you can enjoy the view before we start driving soon again.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you all again for making this happen.

Happy Chinese New Year. I hope that this year is a prosperous year for all of us. I also hope that if you’re in the valley, this post will help you gain the perspective you need and help you do the right thing for you and your dream.


Written by Morris

February 7, 2008 at 6:38 am

Posted in Circos

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